Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Lord himself will fight for you.Just stay calm. - Exodus 14:14

As our first day of seven foods comes to an end I would like to say how frustrated I was most of the day until about 30 minutes when it really started for me. Today was a busy day which made it really easy to stick to the food plan, but at times made it very frustrating as I tried to remember why I was doing this again. I had cookies in face all morning, then I sat in Tim Horton's for over an hour and drank water, and then it was Costco that nearly did me in with those samples. It wasn't until I sat in my bed and was reminded of why I am doing this.
You see those three children and that husband? That's why you're doing this.

Jo-Anne pick up that journal you wrote in Haiti! That's why you're doing this.

Do you hear me Jo-Anne? I am why you are doing this!

I know when there is serious business going on, it's when I can drop to my knees and in that moment literally cry out to God to help me. Help us. Help them.

I have read my Haiti journal plenty of times, my tonight I see words and questions that are sticking out to me and I would love to be able to share some of them with you.

The scripture in the title was read by an 8 year old boy the first night we were in Haiti. He read it with so much truth and so power. He believes, even if with everything he has gone through he can stand tall and believe it. So I just found it fitting and encouraging to make it my title. This is something I must believe more than ever right now.

March 5th- Maybe God has a bigger plan for me but my patience needs some work.-This was our first full day in Haiti where we visited a school/orphanage. *Note* My patience still needs work.

March 6th- As I was showering, I thought to myself, could I do this? Could I wake up everyday to the simplicity of life and appreciate all good things God has blessed me with? I like to think I could.

March 10th- God has forever changed my life!

God made me go through "7" to prepare me but now He is saying it is really time to let less be more. - That was one of the last things I wrote in the journal and here I sit again doing "7" and praying God will remind of why less is more.

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