Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year

Well it's 10 days into the New Year and I have been itching to write something, to let it all out but it just never seemed like the right time to do it, but this morning seems like the perfect time. Not sure exactly where I am heading on this post but I'm sure it will come along the day.

So I started the New Year thinking what does God want me to do this year??? At first I thought he wanted me to get in shape...don't judge, I really did think this. And maybe he does but I really don't think he wants that to be my main focus. Of course me becoming a healthier person will help him because he must know how tired I am from the exhaustion of eating chocolate bars, sour candy and chips everyday. YES EVERYDAY! So I came into the New Year telling myself I would work hard at not eating that stuff anymore. I didn't make it a goal because I read on another blog that I was just setting myself up for failure. Ain't that the truth! I shouldn't feel guilty for eating it once in a while and nor will I feel guilty,so YES last night I did eat two sour jolly rancher gummies and a Macaroon Madness from Second Cup. But I went into with full intentions of not feeling guilty and knowing that it was going to be ok, because I know I can do this. If I can go one whole month with eating the same 7 foods, you better believe I can learn to eat healthier. I'm 10 days into eating healthier and I am already feeling better and less tired.

Well this leads me back into what does God want me to do this year. Well I don't have the answer to that, but in the last two days God has been telling me in dfferent ways that he has me waiting, and it's part of his plan. He is working on my patience and teaching me to let him lead the way.

I feel like 2013 is going to be a big year for the Orlesky's. 2012 was a life changing year for Chris and I. We have come to a place in our lives where neither one of us imagined we would be. Last year we were getting plans ready to build a brand new house or buy an even bigger house because ours wasn't big enough. This was literally 6 months ago this was happening. Today we are slowly getting our house ready to sell in the spring so we can downsize.Less is more right?

We are slowly learning that we are different from alot of people. It's not to say that we don't get sucked into wanting all this new stuff cause we do.But we are slowly starting to think before doing. It's sad to think some people live off $2 a day and I sit here get a tinge of jealousy when I see someone go buy the latest I-pad.

God did however gave me some hope the other day that one day I may get to living a simplier life with more of Him and less of other stuff. To hear about a young women take a leap of faith and quit her job and let God take control her life is absolutely amazing. It's not often you hear of that happening in our society, but it did and God is about to amazing things her life.

So I leave with that and continue on with my journey with God. He'll take me where he needs.

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