Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Hard Truth

So for the last few weeks I have been working on preparing myself for Month 2 of 7 which is clothing. I had almost decided exactly what seven pieces I was going to wear, the debate was still on with my beloved sweat pants. I thought of an awesome challenge for all my friends and their friends and I was starting on the works of trying something "new" to me.

Then yesterday happened,okay so it wasn't just yesterday, I know it's been in the works for awhile and I have just been ignoring the issue trying to deny this truth. I was excited that I was going to be heading to a meeting on becoming a mentor and I was going to meet with one of my council members and discuss my upcoming project for my clothes month. Well that's not exactly what happened. I never made it to either one of those meetings and I was beyond frustrated. So I decided I needed to have a cool down moment in my room alone and discuss a few things with the Lord. I asked for answers on why the plans I had for myself were just not happening. I thought this is what I was meant to do with my life. Please just give me an reason why. Well in walked the three little people.  Those three little people that I always dreamed of having, and there was my reason infront of me. I knew right there that it was time for me to make a change and my change was with them.

First off let me make something clear, in no way do I think I am bad mom, but am I the mom who I want to be and said I was going to be? Sadly that answer is no and boy does that hurt to admit it. Would you like to know why? It's a thing called technology, it has corrupted me.

Well sorry computer... phone... tv... I am going to be leaving you very soon for a whole month. My family is far more important than you are. Making sure I raise my children to the best of my ability is far more important. Showing my children what a marriage should be is definitely not me being on the computer while Chris is on the phone. Reading up about what other parents do with their kids and only wishing I was doing that is not okay.

With this being said, Month 2 has now changed to NO technology. I will not lie, this month is going to be HARD, but I will do it for my family's well-being. There are a few exceptions, I will check my email once a day. Unless its from someone important or is regarding information on one of the activities, it will not be opened. I can come on here to blog once a week, unless I feel like I really need to share something important with you all, but I will not read all my favorite blogs when I come on here. You text me, I will not text you back. So if you have a question... put the phone by your ear and TALK cause I will not answer you!!! And there will be absolutely NO FACEBOOK!!! All televisions will be unplugged and the only radio station we are allowed to listen to is Joy FM.

And that is that!!!

P.S. You should consider doing this as well. Just a thought.

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