Friday, April 20, 2012

Temptation is a disaster in disguise

Yesterday was my middle sons birthday. It was our snack day for preschool so I bought store bought cupcakes so they could celebrate at school and let me tell you sniffing those cupcakes can put you on sugar high without even taking a lick. Then I made cupcakes for afternoon snack so he could celebrate with the kids afterschool. Again everytime I got icing on my fingers I had to run to the sink to get it off me. I really wanted a cupcake, so I sent Tannis a text and told her I was giving myself a free pass to eat a cupcake. You just don't understand I LOVE cupcakes. Between those and brownies, who needs any other type of junk food.

I decided that I would wait till after supper to enjoy my cupcake, so off we went to Boston Pizza where I enjoyed catcus cut potatoes(yes I know they have stuff on them). Then after supper our birthday boy got a special treat for it being his special and out they bring this delicious looking BROWNIE! Are you kidding? At this point all I can think about is eating that brownie and letting it melt in my mouth. But I didn't I instead watched as my children enjoyed it, slowly counting the minutes till I can get out of that place. 

So as we are driving home I start thinking about that cupcake that's waiting at home for me and I think to myself. I am really about to give myself a free pass. This thought really bothered me. It's not like the people who live on the same foods everyday get to just go eat whatever they want whenever they feel like it, so why should I? Wasn't it even that I just ate potatoes that were soaked in stuff that aren't on my list?

We got home...I didn't eat the cupcake, I instead went to bed and read my bible.


  1. You are one tough cookie Jo-I know that must've been so hard!