Monday, April 9, 2012

Here we go...

Jesus may there be less of me and my junk and more of you and your kingdom- Jen Hatmaker

Well tomorrow I start my journey and let me tell you it's all I have thought about since deciding to do it. I thought about when I should actually start this journey, so many events happening did I really want to miss out on all this yummy food I am about to encounter. I mean come on, two of my children have a birthday in the next thirty days and my friends apparently love having spring babies too and we all know what happens when you put my girlfriends and I together. WE EAT!!!. But maybe missing out on all birthday cake won't be such a horrible thing for my body.

So here's the deal for my first month. I am too eat only seven foods for thirty days, I cannot put any sort of spice on them(maybe a tad of pepper and a little oil for cooking), just some plain food, and drink only water. So here's my list:
Chicken (Yes, after 8 months of not eating meat I'm going to go back to it. I have to admit I'm a little nervous as to how my body will react to it)
Sweet potatoes
Whole Wheat Bread

My list is basically what Jen has in her book minus the avocado's since I have never tried them and now is not the time to be trying new foods.

I also decided that for three out of the four weeks I will eat staple foods for three days from three countries that have some meaning to me. I have chosen India since that is where my sponsored child is from, Mexico as that is where Chris's sponsored child is located and Haiti as I will be heading there next March for a Missions Trip.

Oh and I should let you all know who my first council member is... her name is Tannis. Though she won't see me often in the next thirty days I know she has connections and can find out what I've been up to ;) No seriously though, I hope she is ready for ridiculous text messages as I drool over food that I watch other people eat. But I know she will give me the encouragment I need to do this :)
Well that's all for now... tomorrow the journey starts. I'm off to finish the bag of chips I started earlier.

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