Sunday, April 15, 2012

But it was FREE!!!

Well after just 5 days I had a cheat day... but it's not like I intentionally meant to do it. Tannis came to visit and a few girls and I went out for supper to Boston Pizza. I knew they must have either had sweet potato fries or spinach salad that I can make to my needs that will accommodate my eating plans. Well first they gave our table so we should have known right there what kind of night it was going to be. Anyways time comes for our food to come out and they tried not once but twice maybe even three times to give our orders to different tables. It was a mess. I had no complaints about our waitress, she seemed pretty sincere when she apologized and was even nice enough to inform a manager about our experience. So the manager comes over and offers us a FREE dessert to make up for it. All I'm thinking in my head is "You've got to be kidding me!!!" Well, one of my girlfriends noticed how unimpressed I looked about it since really I was not suppose to have one. But Tannis to the rescue. She looks at the menu and tells me that they have apple crisp. Enough said, I want IT!!! She was so nice enough to not make me feel guilty about it and so of course I did not fight. I knew there was a reason I chose her ;)

I get home after a great night out and thought I probably could have just asked the manager to give me a discount on my meal but honestly she had me a dessert.

Other than that I am doing great, yes I have cravings but they aren't as bad as I thought they would be. And I'm really excited that in 2 days I get add some India food into my menu. Yay for rice.

Oh one last thing... have you cleaned your cupboards yet???

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  1. Hi - I am Tessy and I am also doing the food challenge this month. Only 7 foods -- I started the day after Easter - so will not do this for a full 30 days-- Seen your comment on Jen's page so thought I'd swing on over. My blog is at: -- I am going out of order - did the clothes challenge last month. Also gave up coffee (has been the hardest for me)